Ontario Security Training Employers

Ontario Security Training provides our graduates with a list of trusted employers that have met our strict employment standards requirement. These standards include the accurate and timely payment of wages, providing a safe environment and a higher than average rate of pay. Ontario Security Training works to ensure that our Guards and Investigators receive the best employment opportunities from the leading Security Guard and Private Investigation employers. Ontario Security Training does not recommend or endorse any employer that is not listed within our network. Ontario Security Training will guarantee your first week of wage or a new position if the employer on this list is does not meet the promised standards of employment.

Employment Opportunity Guarantee

Ontario Security Training guarantees employment opportunities to all of our graduates who are willing and able to take on the challenges of the protection industry. Our lifetime commitment ensures that we provide graduates with employment opportunities for the rest of their life, no matter how many times they decide to re-apply for as long as they hold a valid security license and are in good standing. Ontario Security Training also ensures that our graduates are placed with top industry employers.

Note: We can only offer positions that are available at the time graduates possess their security license and who are actively looking for employment.

We do not guarantee:

  • where graduates will work,
  • what shifts a graduate will work,
  • who the employers will be.

Employment offers are based on what we have available and the needs of the employers at the time you are searching for employment.  Demand for Guards will vary from season to season.  Strong demands are usually for full time positions and night shifts.