Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I become a Security Guard or Private Investigator?

Ontario Security Training provided employment services to those who are registered within the Ontario Security Training network and have indicated on the system that you are looking employment.  Employment opportunity is guaranteed or your money back.

What is Ontario Security Training?

Ontario Security Training is an employment network that connects security guards and private investigators with employers who provide security services. Many employers have chosen the Ontario Security Training networks as their primary source for new recruits.

As a job seeker, why should I sign up?

Ontario Security Training Inc. provides training at no upfront cost and a guarantee of employment to qualified applicants.   Because Ontario Security Training is an employment network with more than 200 employers participating in recruitment, we can offer a lifetime of employment service.

How do I get a job using the Ontario Security Training employment network?

Ontario Security Training provides employment services to those who are registered within the Ontario Security Training network and have indicated on the system that they are looking for employment.  Employment opportunity is guaranteed within 30 days after you gain and present your license or your money back.

Does everyone acting as security guard or Private investigator have to be licenced?

If you are being paid to do work that consists mainly of protecting persons or properties then you need to be licenced. This includes anyone acting as a bodyguard, bouncer and private investigation (loss prevention personnel).
For examples:

  • You will need a licence if your main responsibility is controlling access to a restaurant and patrolling the property to ensure the safety and security of the establishment and its occupants.
  • You will not need a licence if you are a manager who may inspect common areas during your shift. Those checks are not the main activity of a manager in this context.

Do I need a private investigator's licence?

You will need a private investigator's licence if you’re being paid and your main duties are:

  • Conducting investigations in order to provide information
  • Conducting investigations into the character or actions of a person
  • Conducting investigations into an individual's business or occupation
  • Conducting investigations into the whereabouts of persons or property.

What are the requirements to be eligible to obtain a security guard license and a private investigator license?

To be eligible for a licence, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be eligible to work in Canada, and
  • Have no convictions for a prescribed offence for which you have not been granted a pardon.

Who is responsible for registering my licence – me or my employer?

It is now the applicants’ responsibility to register and/or renew their own licence two every years.

Who is responsible for my licensing?

Serco DS and the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is responsible for your licensing application. 





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