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Paragon Security President Meltdown
Paragon president melts down after not being able to attract new employees and blames the province. Some would argue that it is their reputation as an employer that is to blame.
Customer Removes Paragon Security
Condo owners in Toronto's west end demand better security, removes Paragon Security.
G4S security guard helped shotgun-toting bank robbers
'Inside man' G4S security guard helped shotgun-toting bank robbers steal £170,000 in terrifying raids on Santander and Natwest branches
G4S Sued for not paying employees
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Paragon Security guard uploaded video of woman on porn site.
Security guard canned after uploading video of woman peeing onto porn site
Lawsuit against Garda World regarding pay.
Class-action suit alleges security guards stiffed on wages, overtime
G4S accused of workplace violations of the Employment Standards Act
Many of G4S employees are alleging that they are not being paid for hours they have worked.