Ontario Security Training Positive Reviews

Ontario Security Training has won the 2020 Consumers Choice award for being the best security training provider. Ontario Security Training works hard to establish a strong relationship with our customers and to deliver a high level of service beyond any expectations. Our commitment to guarantee employment, provide the most comprehensive training, and to treat every student with the highest level of dignity has made us the primary choice for students and employers. Thank you to everyone who helped us gain this award.

Student Reviews Commitment – Competency - Comradery

Syed good service indeed
Tashanta I was referred by a friend to this school and I would recommend it to everyone I know. Todd Is the best teacher ever!!! :)
Priyadharshini Mr. White was very clear with his teaching methods and he ensured we all understood the contents he was teaching. We need more teachers like you sir!
Scott Awesome Trainer! More then willing to recommend this place to any of my friends that are looking to get in to security.
Scott Todd is an amazing teacher, class was very enjoyable.
Thavasanthan Alex is a great instructor, very interactive, and through his experience as a security guard educated us effectively of the job and how to succeed in such job. Thank you for the experience.
Abiodun The customer relation is excellence
Laya Great, fast
S. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I would recommend you facility to anyone.
Kathryn I was not 100% sure I had made a good choice to take my training at Ontario Training Center. There are many options. After the 1st hour of class I know I had made a good choice. The instructor was amazing!
Hasan Very Good
Theo Everyone is really nice and welcoming, from the receptionist to the instructors. Everyone had a pleasant aura and were always willing to assist customers and students in happy fashion. Instructors were amicable, and knowledgeable. You could tell they liked there work and were enthusiastic to share their knowledge. No complaints.
Jasleen :) am happy with ur services... thanks
Adelaida For the brief time I partook in the IN CLASS training, I was very impressed. I completed the rest of my training through the Online course which was ok.
Sumaya It was a good experience
Tamanna Full time Instructor is so professional.
Mir Azmath Ali The course was very enlightening and informative. The instructor was very cooperative and made the whole learning process a very enjoyable experience.
Betty she told me more about that website which was good
Ryan Overall, 4.5/5 or 90% is what I would score the phone call. I really liked his professionalism.
Hashim Very professional and thorough