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Ontario Security Training has won the 2020 Consumers Choice award for being the best security training provider. Ontario Security Training works hard to establish a strong relationship with our customers and to deliver a high level of service beyond any expectations. Our commitment to guarantee employment, provide the most comprehensive training, and to treat every student with the highest level of dignity has made us the primary choice for students and employers. Thank you to everyone who helped us gain this award.

Student Reviews Commitment – Competency - Comradery

Abdul The trainer knew his job. He was strict to maintain the quality of training and knowledge he was passing to the students, and at times he was assertive very rightly. So the training was useful.
- That’s amazing trainer bcz he provided too much knowledge & I fully lucky to got the class
Arti It was a great experience and our trainer was so kind and experienced. He described us everything in detail.
Omer I learned a lot from the training materials and CPR TRAINING as well. Thanks
Folasade The training actually helped me to know more things . It was a really good training process. Though it may seems long but it was worth it.
Sunil Fully satisfied
Reyon The trainer was really good at describing each and everything and has also given us a chance to demonstrate each thing which was taught in class
- I have a very good experience
Sunita I was satisfied.
- Easy to follow and understand
Dorcas I gained a lot and it’s was knowledgeable session
Karamat Really had good experience
Abid It was pleasant experience.
Yussuf I have learned lots things like helping or saving people's life. Thank you so much.
Graham A lot was achieved in a single day and I am so happy with myself that I enrol to do this security program.
Lal The training was clear and detailed The opportunity for the learner with questions and answer provided
Yash she is really patient and helping, really appreciate it thanks
Syed Mr Raman has always been very helpful.
- It was a great experience. I learned a great content which will help me in my future job.
Geeta Very useful
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