Ontario Security Training Positive Reviews

Ontario Security Training has won the 2020 Consumers Choice award for being the best security training provider. Ontario Security Training works hard to establish a strong relationship with our customers and to deliver a high level of service beyond any expectations. Our commitment to guarantee employment, provide the most comprehensive training, and to treat every student with the highest level of dignity has made us the primary choice for students and employers. Thank you to everyone who helped us gain this award.

Student Reviews Commitment – Competency - Comradery

Said the recruiter was simply amazing
Said i havent felt this important in a while
Rajan Received the license only on July 30th,the OSTstaff are helping me in every way to find a job, Rajan
Amrik On the whole very good experience
Shawn Yes to every question the recruiter did An perfect job I was very happy and left completely informed
Fatoni Thank you for all your effort!
Srisatgurunathan All are good and very nice place.
Mustafa I had a clear and audible communication.I received what I want. I am satisfied.
Veronica I have a very good experience at your office it was exceptional, inviting, good service keep up the good work and thank you all for such good learning environment.
Paula Wonderful
John The people that I have dealt with are all very knowledgeable and friendly.
Andrey Yes Very Knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you
Ravindra Very good course
Junayed Its was really good!
Andrey Fantastic Customer Service
James I learned a lot and thinking about taking other classes offered by Ontario security training. James Hall
Ravindra Excellent work
Pritpal Great
Pranavan My recruiter was simply short sweet and simple. He was easy to understand and kept everything brief and understanding and explained the concerns i had. I really like ontario security training and i will continue tell people about this place.
Maha Very fast service