Ontario Security Training Positive Reviews

Ontario Security Training has won the 2020 Consumers Choice award for being the best security training provider. Ontario Security Training works hard to establish a strong relationship with our customers and to deliver a high level of service beyond any expectations. Our commitment to guarantee employment, provide the most comprehensive training, and to treat every student with the highest level of dignity has made us the primary choice for students and employers. Thank you to everyone who helped us gain this award.

Student Reviews Commitment – Competency - Comradery

Arashdeep Very Good Service
Ahmed Everything so perfect!
Jeanie Keep up the good job!
Alessandro Very good place to get trained as security in Kennedy Brampton location. Instructors Alfred and Fawzi I like both of them . Teaching and moving with people in professional manner. GOOD WORK ..
Deborah G4s has hired me they are working on my location but I do start orientation with them next week
Bernard Excellent tranning for future in any part of the specially in canada iam greatful to ontario security for such wonderful effective tranning they r providing to students an I perform my job according to law an tranning I have learn thank you
Kenneth The training was professional, clear, and easy to understand.
David It was an interesting experience.
Curtisha I am greatfull to ontario security an the management for giving me chance to prove my self an helping people for the future in security tranning an serve our country canada an do our best to perform our duty where ever we depute thank u ontario security management an special thankks all teachers
Pratik I was pretty much satisfied with the employment opportunities this organization provided me and the staff was helpful during my training and assisting with other documentation.
Christien He was very professional. Answered all my questions and concerns.
Abdi Great place to get your training and employment.
Byron I really enjoyed it really hAd a blast getting to study with you guys really helpful thanks a lot!
Eddie Zeeba and Colette are amazing. They helped me with carrying and high professionalism. Great ladies
Musse The office people are very helpful for me. Thanks again.
Piyali ost was good and had a great experience of learning.
Callistus The guys at the Ottawa office and and sometimes at Toronto office are very helpful and so humane. I admire their professionalism.
Harjeet I suggests everyone to do security course from your organisation. There is a good job placement opportunity.
Safi It was good and helpful
Musarat I really appreciate taken in as soon as I reached,that saved my time.