Ontario Security Training Positive Reviews

Ontario Security Training has won the 2020 Consumers Choice award for being the best security training provider. Ontario Security Training works hard to establish a strong relationship with our customers and to deliver a high level of service beyond any expectations. Our commitment to guarantee employment, provide the most comprehensive training, and to treat every student with the highest level of dignity has made us the primary choice for students and employers. Thank you to everyone who helped us gain this award.

Student Reviews Commitment – Competency - Comradery

Julius all contents sre clear and i like to thanxs them to provide aa good service
Jonathan I am fully satisfied with the basic fast Trac training & I appreciate for the trainer who helped in passing the basic security guard training.
Boodram Nathan is the man. I would recommend him to any one who is seeking a trainer/teacher for license security. Thumbs up Nathan
Matthew The teacher was well-spoken and knowledgable.
Muhammad I find Ontario Security services helpful and understand the needs of candidate.
Mahendra Bhai Very good
Syed Good training, learned a lot.
Marie You people are wonderful. You. Welcome everybody and you always, put. Smiles on people face. May GOD almighty blessed, Ontario security training centre,every workers there is bless in JESUS name (AMEN)
Ana Florinda OST knows how to take care of their graduates from training to placement in job...thumbs up!!! Proud to be a graduate of OST....
Harmeet Very good service.
Juihsin thanks
Martin very good
Shubham It was very easy to follow along with the online course.
Khowreeshan It was a very good experience taught me a lot and everyone was extremely helpful :)
Sonny great
Cameron Everything was perfect,the presantation,equipments,keep it up guys,i encourage you.
Tejinder The course was very descriptive and had well trained and not to mention very educated and experienced trainers, they used educational sources such as real life situations, video and personal stories to help the information stick.
Syed Farooq Great tranning with excellent teacher thank you for teaching us a great life
Jeanie Keep up the good job.
Vinay Yes my experience was good