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Security Guard Training

Required Immediately

  • Airport Guards

  • Mall Guards

  • Condo Guards

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Office Guards

  • Body Guards

  • Doormen

  • Loss Prevention

  • Private Investigators

  • Armed Guards

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  • No experience required
  • Top trainers
  • Most advanced training systems
  • Most recognized training
  • Free first aid renewal
  • Complete training within 5 days
  • Training valid throughout Canada
  • Full time and part time employment
  • 185 employers
  • Potential for advancement
  • Employment guaranteed after licensing
Job Fair Fridays

Earn up to $18/hour plus benefits

Welcome to the Ontario Security Training skills and employment network.  Start your career as a Security Guard or Private Investigator with the best and most recognized training programs.   Our student service team will help you succeed with your training, licensing and employment.  You may choose to complete your training in a class or online and advance your skills with our large selection of advanced training courses.  Our state of the art electronic certification and transcript program will verify to employers your training accomplishments and awards.  Our exclusive employment network will offer you new opportunities everyday through job fairs, email alerts or by browsing through our employment page only offered to Ontario Security Training graduates.  Ontario Security Training makes it easy to quickly gain a license and employment with our network of more than 200 employer’s province wide.

Now available on mobile devices
  • No need to use a computer with our new mobile app
  • Study on your own time and anywhere you take your phone or tablet
  • Compatible with any mobile device no downloads required
  • Connect live with a trainer or other members
  • Upload your documents using your phone
  • Over 400 practice questions for the security exam
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Ontario Security Training has now partnered with the Herzing College Police Foundations Program. Ontario Security Training graduates will receive an advance standing and tuition credit.
SureCommand is a digital evidence notebook that is exclusively offered to Ontario Security Training Graduates. Ontario Security Training graduates will receive a one year free subscription.

Digital Evidence Notebook

The SureCommand mobile digital evidence notebook is an electronic version of the Security Guards and Private Investigators traditional paper evidence notebook. This mobile tool enhances the Guards or Investigators ability to properly complete occurrence and incident reports by guiding users through templates. Guards and Investigators can also use this tool to attach pictures, videos and audio files to their reports and store them on the database. Time, weather conditions and GPS location are automatically infused in every occurrence or incident entry. Guards and Investigators may also direct reports to a specific email by selecting an email location on their settings page. The Guards digital notebook content can then be published for their superiors to see in real time. Records can also easily be retrieved by the Guard, Investigator or Management at any future date to assess any situation.

Access Control

Trespassers beware! The SureCommand Access Control System can assist Guards and Investigators with distinguishing between legal occupants, guests and unwanted trespassers. This system can connect with any access control device and display the list of individuals who are currently trespassed from the property; enabling Guards and Investigators with the ability to lower the risks of violence and/or property damage.





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